Grant C. Woodruff, Esq. is the founding member of Woodruff Dispute Resolution Center.  Since founding WDRC in March of 2007, Mr. Woodruff has had the honor of serving as a Special Master in several cases throughout the state of California.  As a Special Master, he works with the parties and the Court to keep these complex, multi-party cases on track procedurally.  Additionally, Mr. Woodruff conducts settlement negotiations in a mediation setting.  As a mediator, Mr. Woodruff has also had the distinction of successfully working with several parties throughout the western United States as they resolved their matters through mediation.  These mediations involved personal injury, lemon law, business litigation, breach of contract, and real estate matters.  In whatever capacity Mr. Woodruff is serving, his focus is on resolving the matter before him by working with and listening to all of the parties involved in the case.

Prior to founding WDRC, Mr. Woodruff was an active practicing trial attorney for fourteen years, both in private practice and as managing attorney for the staff counsel offices national insurance carriers.  His practice specialized in construction defect, personal injury, real estate and business litigation.

Mr. Woodruff served as the national construction defect litigation advisor to a major insurance company for eight years.  More recently, he was selected by a national insurer to found and manage a staff counsel office in Northern California dedicated exclusively to construction defect litigation.  The office he founded in 2005 was highly successful, quadrupling in size in less than two years.

Mr. Woodruff is a member of the Early Settlement Program of the San Francisco Superior Court and the San Francisco Bar Association as well as a member of the Contra Costa County Superior Court ADR Panel.  He also served on steering committees dedicated to mediation and advocacy training.

Apart from a deep understanding of the legal, technical and ethical issues faced by the different players involved in these disputes, Mr. Woodruff is able to achieve resolution by using creative techniques and approaches.  His dispute resolution philosophy is straight forward and honest.  By listening to all parties and actively communicating each party’s position and concerns, resolution can usually be achieved in a quick and direct fashion.  Rapport and trust is built with all parties by becoming an active, informed and tenacious participant in the resolution process.

Mr. Woodruff provides mediation, Special Master, Discovery Referee, and arbitration services in construction defect, lemon law, personal injury, real estate and contractual matters throughout California and the western United States.

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ProvidesMediation, Special Master, Discovery Referee, and arbitration services
Practice AreasConstruction defect, lemon law, personal injury, real estate and contractual matters
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